Our Facilities and Services

A purpose built cattery

We have a wonderful purpose built cattery which is well maintained and kept meticulously clean. We have 5 Family Chalets for multiple cat households or maybe just the single cat that needs more space. We also have a further 15 standard chalets which can hold 1 or 2 cats from the same household.

All our chalets are insulated and heated to make sure the cats are comfortable all year around. They have multi-level shelves inside and an opening for cats to be able to access their own individual enclosures at all times. This space acts as an exercise area complete with multi-level shelving, scratch facilities, litter trays and appropriate toys if necessary. All enclosures look out onto our Cattery garden which is either full of birds feeding during the colder months or bees buzzing around the beautiful roses and flowers during the summer.

If we have cats staying for a longer time, we always add different things into their environments to keep them mentally and physically stimulated. We are able to adapt our chalets with extra shelves or soft fittings to make sure all cats feel content and comfortable as quickly as possible. We encourage customers to bring their cat’s own beds, cushions or blankets as it will have your cats scent on it and will help them settle quicker.

Cattery Chalets Taunton

Most wet and dry foods are included in the daily rate. We stock a large range, but are obviously unable to stock all brands given the huge variety available on the market today. We feed twice a day, once in the early morning and then again late afternoon. If your cat has any special feeding requirements, we are more than happy to discuss these with you further and make sure your cats care is as close to their normal routine.

We treat the cats around 7-8pm every night and give them ample snuggles (for those who want it) before tucking them up and locking the cattery for the night. Please let us know if you cat likes any particular treat or whether you would rather they were not treated at this time.

Minehead and Taunton Cattery

We are both trained to administer medicines and are happy to inject cats if necessary. We have a fridge to store vet medicines and will follow your vets instructions if an animal needs medicine whilst within our care.

Depending on the kind of medicine needed by your cat, we charge a small amount extra to the daily rates if it takes additional time to administer.

Little Downs Cattery

It is our objective every time a customer leaves their loved cat with us that the customer is able to relax and enjoy their break or time away without worrying about their cat. To ensure this is the case, we are happy to send you some pictures or video clips of your cat whilst you are away free of charge. Please talk to us about this and let us know your favoured social media or personal contact details to receive these pictures/updates.

We find that our customers love these pictures and find it extremely reassuring that their cat is happy and being well looked after.

Cattery Care

Make an enquiry

We pride ourselves on being available 7 days a week and our objective is to get back to every enquiry within an hour, if we have missed the initial contact whilst with the cats. For all booking enquiries, please contact us on 07825 709 020. You can also complete an online booking form using the link below.